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Child Custody Law

Disputes between parents can be stressful, especially when the custody of a child is involved. With many years of legal experience behind its name, TLG can provide the understanding and leadership you deserve to tackle your child custody law matter.

Criminal attorneys represent clients charged with crimes such as aggravated assault, rape, vehicular homicide, battery, murder, robbery and drug possession.  Tomlinson, Jemison  & Smith's criminal lawyers have defended clients in courtrooms throughout Georgia.  Its attorneys want to help and they can!

We are Richmond Hill, Georgia, lawyers specializing in personal injury and providing the compassionate support you need when dealing with insurance companies and parties-at-fault. We are your advocate and we will work closely with you to help you fight for rightful compensation.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI, also called DWI) is one of the most common crimes in the United States.  Our Richmond Hill and Savannah, Georgia, DUI attorneys have years of experience defending clients facing DUI charges.  From the initial police stop, to Miranda Warnings, and your right to an attorney, we will find out if any police officer violated your rights.

Our talented Richmond Hill lawyers can motivate an insurance company to settle your personal injury claim!  And we can tell you how to proceed after a motor vehicle accident.  We are skilled at locating the various insurance providers possibly available to pay for your medical treatment, rehabilitation and pain and suffering money damages!

Domestic violence is common in the United States.  You need an attorney who truly understands domestic violence law.  It is one of the most abused criminal charges brought by one person against another.  Whether you are charged with domestic violence or you need to escape from it, Tomlinson Jemison & Smith is here!

Criminal Law

Personal Injury Law


Auto Accident Law

Domestic Violence Law

Divorce law is multi-layered and complex.  Divorce itself is traumatic for all parties.  Tempers flare, buttons are pushed and the spectrum of emotions flow from the divorcing parties.  We are sensitive to your needs while getting the divorce finalized.  You will feel confident with our Richmmond Hill and Savannah, GA, attorneys!

Divorce Law

Seeking money damages from someone? Need to split property and no longer wish to be a joint tenant? Need to litigate damage done to your rental property? Did the other party breach the agreement?  Our civil litigation lawyers can handle these issues in Richmond Hill and Savannah, GA.

Civil Litigation