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Let me first say, that being separated from my wife and 4 year old daughter was not an option. Should there be no other choice, we would all move to her country together. A small country with high unemployment and very few opportunities for me to support my family. After several years with our first "well known" attorney filing motions and appeals and losing each time, we realized we were Billy handled my Criminal Defense matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. Mr. Tomlinson has represented me and several of my family members off and on since 1998, always with an outcome in our favor. I have also referred many friends and acquaintances to him as a criminal lawyer all of whom have had the same positive results. He is extremely professional, never judgmental and has a way of putting you at ease immediately. His communcation skills are phenomenal as well as his knowledge and grasp of the law. He is exceptionally well rounded and has handled everything for me, friends and family from immigration issues to criminal charges. I trust him implicitly and would never go to anbody else.


Billy Tomlinson---professional and caring.


Posted by Karen, a Car Accident client, 12 months ago.  Billy handled my Car / Auto Accident matter. Billy represented my interests in a wreck where my husband was killed and I was injured. Throughout this entire time, he was the most compassionate of any attorney I had met. His professionalism was exempleary. His care will never be forgotten. I recommend Billy for several reasons....all are positive.


Criminal Defense Client.  Mr. Tomlinson was very quick to respond to my legal needs. He thoroughly explained everything to me and was able to resolve my case as not guilty.




I was stopped by the Tybee police just over a month ago. As soon as I was stopped, I called Mr Tomlinson. Mr Tomlinson was so quick with his response that the police officer did not give me a citation. I am not sure exactly what happened but the police officer told me that I was lucky. Thank you Mr Tomlinson for saving me from doing to jail.


Courteous and Professional Lawyer


I recommend Richmond Hill criminal lawyer, Billy Tomlinson. I hired Billy 1-3 years ago. Billy handled my Criminal Defense matter. Mr. Tomlinson not only heard what I had to said but understood immediately what steps to take in order to get things done. He explained it all to me, told me not to worry and I am glad to say I believed him. He took good care of me.


Excellent Representation


Mr. Tomlinson, a great Richmond Hill lawyer, asked all the right questions, listened to my concerns and explained how things would be handled in easy to understand terms. He followed through with all he said he would do in a timely manner and was courteous treating me with the utmost of respect.


Excellent advice and resolution


I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.  I was cited for a DUI in Liberty County in 2009. I hired the DUI attorney Billy Tomlinson and my case was dismissed after a motion hearing. Excellent job and really took it to the police officer for making mistakes!


Money well spent


I was charged with an alcohol related crime (DUI) in Savannah, Georgia. This attorney was able to explain the charges and penalties to me in detail after several others were not. He covered all of my options and possible outcomes. I hired him to represent me and although my case took almost a year to complete I was found NOT GUILTY!


Trustworthy ! Responsive!  Knowledgeable!